Tuesday, July 27, 2010

waited in vain!--

I got this pic last 2008, this was the time 
when I patiently mastered "right here waiting" 

I was sooo crazily inloved at that time with someone ...
someone who took me for granted ..tt

I waited..

'till i realized --  I was just waiting for nothing!~


yeah --
I cried for days,,months and even years...
I found myself in a great mess!!

I messed up!

but, I was guilty....I knew it wasn't me!
 and then I thought "why should I squander any 
of my time to someone not even worthy of it!

 for the craziness I've done!

I picked myself up

I ask sorry to myself!

and I became me --again :)

soooo GLAD I've met the significant other
of my life!

yeah,,,I admit there are times that 

I remember the boy-- my erstwhile

shall I say...I don't remember the feelings anymore?

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