Friday, September 10, 2010


you want it doesn't mean u can have it instantly
u need to go through a myriad of experiences
like trial and error
and later on you will know that what you've gone through
is worth the ride
'coz how can you have it if you don't try 

remember : u are what u are now because of what  u were
after all those memoirs are charged as your countless experience
never take them for granted.
and never say you'll never do those stupidity again ...anymore. You will be a liar and always will be.

Do not be afraid to make mistakes
and always remember to learn from them.

Life is a puzzle and an emotion makes it challenging that often or not a LOVE one can make u inspired nevertheless

and can somehow make u move forward to a better distance.

So here’s a piece of advice; let go when you’re hurting too much,
give up when love isn’t enough, and move on when things are not like before.
For sure there is someone out there who will love you even more.

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