Friday, April 1, 2011

April Fools' Day

Well, today is April 1 - the so called April Fool's day.
But I didn't do anything foolish today..
ahh, only those rants I shouted out in one of the famous social networking sites over there.

I'm just mad. Specifically to a woman. She's definitely quite older but not what you think.

I hate her. She's the greatest woman liar I've ever known in my life. And I call her a user, abuser whatsoever. Sometimes I think, she's kinda crazy.
and I super  hate the fact that she is disturbing my life emotionally , financially and the like.

Well, as the bible says-- This too shall pass ^^
I don't wanna hate forever. 

But I will still be friend to her no matter how a bit plastic it may be ;)
I can manage this. I can make this game fair.
ok, I'm done with this.....goodnight <3

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