Thursday, March 1, 2012

What colour is the wind?

To me the colours of the wind are like a kind of mood ring, you know those rings you had as a child- you put it on and it changed colour according to your mood. So each colour would mean a different mood, this is what the wind colours are to me.
What colour is the wind you ask me, it is:
A White breeze for when the mist is setting in, this is when I am feeling peaceful.
A Blue breeze on a beautiful day at the beach, this is when I am feeling happy.
An Orange breeze during the sunset, this is when I am feeling thankful for all my blessings.
A Grey breeze when it rains, this is when I am feeling miserable.
A Yellow breeze when I’m up and about, this is when I’m feeling excited.

That’s me and my breezes:)  What about you what colour is your breeze today…?
A Grey breeze is my colour today.

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