Friday, August 13, 2010

Thank You!

To you bastard erstwhile,

I now thank you for losing me!!
I have just realized how lucky I am of not having you! 

                         'coz... 'm toooo expensive and u just cost a cent! omg---u r sooo cheap!

u almost make my worth  into such a mess and perhaps less than that!

you're not really worth it after all.
It has been a rough ride you know?

but.... I still thank you!

omg! I can even recall those absurd moments!!!
I was such a damn fool!!!

YOU fooled me!

,,,but am not a loser after all,,, can I say it's YOU?? hahaha,,,*devil laugh*

of course!!!you'll pay for it!

someday somehow...You'll realize how painful u caused me!

your precious,

Joanne (lol)

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