Thursday, August 26, 2010

FB friends are we,really?

Dear ex -bf,

       So, we're friends on 'fb' now. I can still remember the last time I invited you there , we're still onn at that time ryt --the time you were flirting with some other bitches, ryt? It was more than a year already. Finally, you confirmed me just lately! Showing me your relationship status and wha -- whaaaat? Is tha' your gf? Aww...oh..owkie..hehe , *wink*.. o.O
     By the way,what kind of bug crosses your mind? 3:) Well, thanks for the confirmation, I won't be deleting it, dun worry. 8|.. maybe you--idc!
      So, you're happy now. But I'm happier, LOL~!!!
     Well, better do good with ya bitch right there or possibly marry her soon or'll receive another curse~~~~!!hehe , juz kidding , man. 
      I won't make this that long,lah. Go get ya own life ,hor and reduce ya thick thick face, alr?

       P.S   NO MORE GIGOLOS , OK? lmao!

your worst nightmare,

Joanne (^^^)


  1. I can see 3 other's like this post, who are you guys?? hehe...comeon! tell me ya name, *wink* ; thanks.. tc!

  2. oh,,became 6 now...hmm,,,who are you? I guess,I couldn't find your name here 'coz we aren't friends there on fb...hehe