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Lincoln Kennedy coincidence

    •  Both Abraham Lincoln and John F. Kennedy were over six feet tall (Lincoln was 6' 4" and    Kennedy was 6' 1") and athletic.
    •     The names Lincoln and Kennedy each contain seven letters.
    •     They were both second children named after their grandfathers.
    •     Both lost a sister before becoming President.
    •     Both served in the Military.  Lincoln was a scout captain in the Blackhawk War.  Kennedy was a lieutenant in World War II.
    •     Lincoln had Marfan's disease, while Kennedy had Addison's disease.
    •     They both enjoyed rocking in  rocking chairs.
    •     Neither of the men liked to carry money so both borrowed from friends.
    •     Both men married in their thirties to dark-haired, twenty-four year old women that were previously engaged to some one else.  Their wives came from prominent families and were fluent in French.  They were know for high fashion and criticized by their husbands for spending to much money.
    •     Both Lincoln and Kennedy lost children 100 years apart while living in the white house.  (Willie Lincoln died in 1863, and Patrick Kennedy died in 1963)
    •     Two of Lincoln's son's were named Edward and Robert.  Edward died and Robert lived.  Two of Kennedy's brothers were named Edward and Robert.  Robert was assassinated and Edward lived.
    •      Lincoln's son Thomas became minister of Great Britain (later Ct. of St. James) in a Republican Administration twenty-four years later after Lincoln's death. Kennedy's father, Joseph Kennedy was ambassador to the Ct. of St. JAmes in a Democratic Administration twenty-four years before JFK's death.
    •     Abraham Lincoln was elected to Congress in 1846, John Kennedy was elected to Congress in 1946.
    •     In the election of 1856 Congressman Abraham Lincoln, who became President four years later, ran for the Vice Presidential Nomination on the Republican ticket and lost.  One hundred years later in the election of 1956 Senator John F. Kennedy, who four years later would become President, ran for the Vice presidential nomination on the Democratic ticket and lost.
    •     Prior to the election in 1860, two Presidential candidates, Lincoln and Stephen Douglas engaged in what was known as the Great Debates.  One hundred years later prior to the election of 1960 two Presidential candidates, Kennedy and Richard Nixon, for the first time in history engaged in a series of televised debates.
    •     Abraham Lincoln studied law and became President on the sixth of November 1860.  John F. Kennedy studied law and became President on the eighth of November 1960.
    •     Both men were concerned with the rights of Black Americans, and made their views known in '63.  Kennedy spoke to Congress, while Lincoln had the Emancipation Proclamation.
    •     Kennedy Won a Pulitzer Prize for his works, while Lincoln works are classics.
    •     Both presidents had friends named Billy Graham.  (Lincoln's friend was William (Billy) Mentor Graham a school teacher from New Salem.  Kennedy's friend was the Reverend Billy Graham).
    •     Both Presidents had no fear of mortality, and  they disdained bodyguards.
    •     They both had anxiety about possible assassination. They both stated how easy it would be to assassinate a President.  They received many letters threatening their lives (Lincoln 80, Kennedy 800).
    •     The Secretary of each President warned them not to go to the theater nor to Dallas.
    •     Lincoln's secretary was named John Kennedy.  Kennedy's secretary was named Evelyn Lincoln.  (Evelyn's husband was named Abe.)
    •     Both Presidents were shot in the head, in the presence of their wives, on a Friday before a holiday. (Lincoln was shot on Good Friday and Kennedy was shot on the Friday before Thanksgiving.)
    •     They were shot in the presence of another couple with the male being wounded. (Lincoln was in the presence of Major Rathbon, who was slashed by a knife.  Kennedy was in the presence of Governor Connally, who was shot.
    •     Lincoln was shot in box seat seven in Ford's theater.  Kennedy was shot in car number seven, a Ford automobile (a Lincoln). This one amazes me the most.
    •     The Presidents were taken to and later died at a place with the initials "PH".  (Lincoln was taken to the Peterson House, and Kennedy was taken to Parkland Hospital.)
    •     Mrs. Kennedy insisted that her husband's funeral mirror Lincoln's.  Both men rested on the same catafalque and caisson.
    •     After the assignation the Kennedy family moved to 3017 N. Street N.W. in Georgetown.  Lincoln's family moved to 3014 N. Street N.W. in Georgetown.
    •     The night before Lincoln was shot he spent the night in Monroe, Maryland.  JFK was accused of having an affair with Marylyn Monroe.
    •     Pheraps the most relaible similarity in Abraham Lincoln and John F. Kennedy is that they are now both dead. (This fact was courtsey of my brother Dennis.)

    Similarities in the Assassins
    •     The number of letter in the assassin and their victim totaled fifteen.  John Wilkes Booth killed Lincoln.  Lee Harvey Oswald killed Kennedy.
    •     John Wilkes Booth was born in 1839.  Lee Harvey Oswald was born in 1939.
    •     Both Booth and Oswald Lacked strong father figures.
    •     They were both Southerns favoring unpopular ideas.
    •     They envisioned fame and glory but only achieved it after their death.
    •     Both were accused of attempting to murder another political figure.  Booth was accused of attempting to murder William Seward, while Oswald was accused of attempting to murder John Connally.
    •     After shooting Lincoln Booth ran from a theater and was captured in a warehouse.  After shooting Kennedy, Oswald ran from a warehouse and was captured in a theater.
    •     Both were detained by officers named Baker.  Booth was detained by Lt. Luther Baker. (He was the leader of the calvary patrol that captured Booth.)  Oswald was detained by Marion Baker. (He was the Dallas motorcycle patrolman that detained Oswald on the second floor of the book depository until he learned that Oswald worked there.)
    •     Both men died before being brought to trial.
    •     They were both shot in the blaze of light.  (Booth was shot after his barn burned.  Oswald was shot in front of television cameras.)
    •     Booth shot Lincoln with a pistol.  Booth was shot with a rifle.  Oswald shot Kennedy with a rifle and Oswald was shot with a pistol.
    •     Both Oswald and Booth were shot by men who changed their names. (Jack Ruby shot Oswald, his former name was Jacob Rubenstien.  Boston Corbett shot Booth, his former name was Thomas.)
    •     Autopsies were done on both Booth and Oswald to clarify their identity.  A number of years later both of their cases were reopened without really resolving who was the assassin.

      Successors Similarities
    •     Lincoln and Kennedy's successors were both named Johnson.  They were both Southern Democrats from states that begin with "T". ( Andrew Johnson was from Tennessee, while Lyndon Johnson was from Texas.)
    •     Andrew Johnson was born in 1808, while Lyndon Johnson was born in 1908.
    •     Both names contain thirteen letters.
    •     They were both large men, and father to two daughters.
    •     They were both in the military.  Andrew Johnson was a Brigadier General in the Civil War.  Lyndon Johnson was a commander in the navy during World War II.
    •     They entered the Presidency in their mid fifty's.  They are the only two Presidents to have urethral stones.
    •     In the election of '64, both Johnson's were opposed for reelection by men whose names start with the letter "G". (Andrew Johnson was opposed by Ulysses Grant. Lyndon Johnson was opposed to Barry Goldwater.)

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