Tuesday, February 15, 2011

My Valentine

In my 24th year of existence I was able to figure out that that was really my memorable valentine. I din't get the chance to have a date like that before. I only used to be with my gal friends or even  alone but it surprised me when i had it just recently . And so I can say that---- it was really one of a kind. 
Walking with him hand in hand , listening to those cheesy love songs and coffee breaks right after a sumptuous  dinner , I noticed I fall all over again ;)

Actually, I'm talking about the guy i'm dating for over a year now. We started as ' no strings attached '-- we quit our friendship-- he courted me and then that was how our love story started but the ride was quite rough We met several obstacles , I guess because I was still living with my past at those times. 

But here we come , striving hard and fighting! :D

Yet, we're still looking forward to having those ups and downs those twists and turns of our love story.

To see if we really could  make it until the very end. --- aja!

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